About Emily Kirke

Being an artist has been a lifelong adventure. I've studied fine art, graphic design, fashion, and music… and I realized that it's all the same in the end. We work to find truths that can not be expressed with mere words. Now that I’m a mom to a sweet baby girl, I feel that more than ever.

With photography, I love how the art is formed by the partnership between photographer and subject. We listen to each other and catch moments that are entirely personal. And because of this, no two shoots are the same (which is so much fun for me and great for you!). Together we create family heirlooms that are more like artifacts.

I can not wait to meet you, feel with you, laugh with you, and create together. I'd love to chat: info@emilykirkephoto.com. You can also check out my wedding work at emilykirkephoto.com.

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